Friday, February 11, 2011

The Queen's Life

As a mother of two children, my life can be pretty hectic. I try keep to busy by writing and working around the house. Even though my two girls of years six and three can keep me on my toes, they are my muses for writing. They are my inspiration to write stories for children.
My three year old is a busy body and still acts like a terrible two at times. She would eat just about anything and is talking more and more. Only if potty training wouldn't be a problem then everything would be all happy.
My six year old is in first grade and is making friends fast. She is in girl scouts and does ballet after school. She is learning to read but her attention span is quite there yet.
I work full time three twelve hour shifts at a hospital as a patient care assistant. It is a busy job and sometimes it isn't a pretty job with the stuff I have to do. I am learning more and more each day. On my off days I like to write. I am working with a publisher to get my first story published called Journey of the Heart. It is a long road and seems like it will take forever before my dream of being a published author comes true. As people say Patience is a Virtue. So if your reading my blog and would like a copy of my story once it is published let me know.

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